Since its inception in 2000 by Rocco Leo Gaglioti, the company has successfully developed and produced: multiple reality television series, continues to run it’s enormously successful online fashion magazine Fashion News Live and numerous commercials and web based projects.

RLG Productions main base of operations is located in Los Angeles, California, we have also firmly established a presence on the east coast, Dubai, and many locations worldwide.
RLG Production won The Taste Award for “The People’s Best Fashion or Design: Web Program or Video 2012 and 2015.” Rocco Leo Gaglioti is the presence behind RLG Production.

Rocco came from humble, though very loving beginnings. He learned to communicate with his hands through sign language before he could even speak because his mother, was born deaf. This naturally gave him a lifelong appreciation for the underdog, along with the advantage of a much more enhanced “sixth sense.” This sixth sense has taken RLG Production to bringing the best productions to you.