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The DogSmith is America's Dog Training & Pet Care Franchise. A socially responsible and progressive pet care business.

Established by Niki Tudge, a Master DogSmith Dog Trainer and Dog Behavior Counselor, she has combined her "people" teaching and dog training skills with her commitment to animal rescue and substantial business knowledge to create a proprietary system of education known as ARRF® supported by an operational implementation process called MTR®.

Blessed with an amazing ability to teach others to teach Niki is equipped with a unique combination of business experience, dog training and dog behavior expertise, a background in exceptional customer service, certification as a trainer of trainers and many years consulting to animal rescue groups. She has combined these essential skills and experience to create an unrivaled business opportunity that is designed to provide pet owners with the absolutely most effective method to train and care for their pets while giving back to the community in real and measurable ways while providing a dream life for DogSmith business owners.

The DogSmith® business opportunity, The DogSmith lifestyle! The pet industry keeps growing. Over 60% of American households have pets. That’s more than 70 Million pets! Americans own over 38 million cats and 45 million dogs. And the pet industry has proven to be resilient during economically tough times. Not only is pet ownership increasing but we are spending more on our pets.

All of these factors are encouraging more and more entrepreneurs to move into the Pet Industry. The converging trends of today’s economy combined with the “home-based” model afforded to dog training and pet care professionals makes it an unusually effective fit for those looking for a socially responsible, environmentally friendly business opportunity where you can truly love what you do for a living.

The DogSmith® Franchise Training Center – An Ideal Location To Learn All About Dog Training, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Behavior, The DogSmith Proprietary Dog Training Methods, The DogSmith Pet Care Program & How To Start, Operate & Grow Your Own Dog Training & Pet Care Business.

To learn more about The DogSmith, or to become a DogSmith Dog Trainer, visit www.DogSmith.com or call 1-888-364-7648.