We have developed software that minimizes the amount of IT it takes to support your business and we give you an overall management system that you use yourself without outside assistance.

We are ITAnalyzer, A group of smart practical people with vast expertise in IT in large organizations designed ITAnalyzer solution from the ground to address the new IT challenges, enable IT management confidently align with business priorities and support future business growth.

ITAnalyzer (Patent-Pending) is Innovative one of a kind solution that redefines IT management user experience concept by providing a powerful and Innovative Proactive & Analytics IT infrastructure solution as a layer on top of existing management tools.

ITAnalyzer creates a breakthrough new concept of IT management & administrative approach (IT-as-a-Business) based on Analytics and BI tools for IT Infrastructure as a sub-set in the area of DCIM,  who comes to address the complexity and dynamic  computing infrastructure setup.

ITAnalyzer solutions are the result of thorough in-depth knowledge-base in IT Infrastructure and business expertise, continuous R&D and desire to build better management solutions.

ITAnalyzer’s uniqueness and innovation is based on sophisticated analytical rules applied to the information gathered from the IT Infrastructure objects and layers. End-to-End provisioned Infrastructure objects not claimed nor used by a host, database, application or service are discovered and these provide no Business value and waste valuable resources. It also exposes customers to potential risks of unprotected data, unavailable services and performance degradation.

For the first time, all stakeholders can use a common tool and see the same information through their respective Dashboards across the whole Enterprise.

ITAnalyzer first impact is the Return On Investment of Yesterday purchases ( ROIY ) by discovering unconnected links of software or hardware that affect the real usage of objects and elements and affects directly the company ability to act. The system designed for mid to large Data-Centers that within a DAY after implementation saves a significant amount of IT investment-to-date and continues to deliver savings during its life.

ITAnalyzer is a privately held company with headquarters in Israel and business reps around the world, was founded in 2010 by a team of vastly experienced IT Infrastructure professionals with a vision of building innovative IT Infrastructure Optimization & Performance solutions.