Correlata is about systems that communicate better!

Too many disintegrated IT operation systems? Can't see the big picture? Can't understand what those IT people want and why they need more resources?

Correlata is the first  a collaborative IT operations analytics platform that allows you to gain new insights into the daily wellbeing of your IT systems, and achieve the following:

•     Maximize IT operational efficiency,
•     Save money,
•     Prevent risks of business failure,
•     Improve communication within your organization.

Correlata deals with the familiar deep skeletal pain that all medium and large enterprises face, and provides key information, in a language that you can understand!

So you maximize management and operational capabilities and reduce the number of IT operational risks – all in a single click!

When systems communicate better, people communicate better!

Correlata’s flagship product is an innovative datacenter operational solution for large IT-based companies, a solution that allows them to maximize datacenter IT operational efficiency, save money on operations and energy, prevent business failure risks, and improve internal communications.

System operations, deployment and costs are a huge challenge for large companies, constantly forced to expand their IT to support growing data demand from customers and the Internet of Things (IOT). However, the way datacenters are designed today makes it virtually impossible to "right size" and "right manage" IT operations.