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The Law Office of John S. Golden, Esq. represents traffic cases throughout the entire state of Florida.  Drivers may not realize that traffic violations can have significant consequences if found guilty and that can mean large fines, increased insurance rates, license suspension, and marks on a driving record that affects insurance rates.  Mr. Golden is experienced in the area of traffic law and has represented over 30,000 traffic cases and he is a current member of the Florida Bar’s Traffic Court Rules Committee.  He has helped countless individuals achieve not guilty verdicts, avoid appearing in court and attending traffic school, as well as having no points on a permanent driving record.  Mr. Golden and his of counsel attorneys have over 35 years of experience combined, and Golden Traffic Ticket Law is dedicated to helping individuals with all types of violations including DUIs, driving with a revoked or suspended license and more.  You can learn more about the firm at http://www.GoldenTrafficTicketLaw.com.