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About Uni-Systems

For forty years Uni-Systems has engineered structures that move. From movable gates to airline hangar doors and wide-body aircraft docking equipment, retractable roofs and movable walls, Uni-Systems designs mechanization systems that permit large structures to move.
Architects call this kinetic architecture. Uni-Systems is recognized as the leading designer and advocate of kinetic architecture, creating transformative, mechanized structures that change with climate, need or purpose.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Uni-Systems earned its reputation as a world-class leader in motion technology by successfully completing over 120 large scale projects for the military, aircraft, and entertainment industries over the last forty years.

Uni-Systems’ mechanization systems are the core of its successful product developments. Ingenuity and engineering are hallmarks of the firm; a full-service and “idea-to-actualization” management strategy differentiates Uni-Systems from the competition.


Uni-Systems offers complete, turnkey service for large scale projects that require or benefit from movable structures and associated electro-mechanical systems. While competing firms only provide a partial solution (engineering and design), Uni-Systems’ delivery method covers every phase from start to finish, not only to get the project completed on time and on budget but to ensure proper performance for years to come.  The services offered to our clients include: Project Management, Design, Engineering, Prototyping, Manufacturing, Installation, Start-Up, Turn-Over, Long-Term Maintenance, Technical Support & Service, Retrofit and Investigation.


Uni-Systems has assembled a multi-disciplinary team of engineers capable of handling all aspects of integrated movable structures from design development through fabrication management, installation, and maintenance. Cross-functional teams are assembled for specific projects and managed by an experienced project engineer. The projects are also supported by a field service operation for on-site issues throughout and after project installation.

Uni-Systems’ highly skilled workforce includes electrical, structural and mechanical engineers, project managers, designers, and staff experts in materials and prototyping. The unique requirements of the projects demand that each of the staff members perform beyond their traditional functional roles.

Uni-Systems has excellent project success, safety, and reliability records.
The company’s project management expertise assures that large-scale projects are consistently delivered on time and within budget.

Uni-Systems Recent Projects


Uni-Systems designed the mechanization equipment and control system to move the massive retractable roof, as well as the 63-foot-tall glass-clad outfield walls and has a notice to proceed for the supply and install the mechanization equipment and control system for the retractable roof.
The retractable roof is comprised of three movable panels. The center roof panel is 565-1/2 feet wide by roughly 250 feet long. The two lower panels are 530-1/2 feet wide by roughly 130 feet long, and nest under the center roof panel when in the open position. The retractable roof includes forty-four transporters that ride on a total of eighty-eight traction drive wheels, each powered by a 10 horsepower motor. The retractable roof includes a sophisticated control system that provides the status of the retractable roof and all of its components for operation and troubleshooting purposes.
The Marlins Ballpark outfield features six glass operable wall panels that measure over 63-feet tall. Each wall panel rides on two 24-inch steel wheels, and is supported by two guide rollers at the top. At the touch of a button, each panel opens to provide a 265-foot-wide window in the outfield.

CITY CREEK CENTER - Salt lake City, UT

City Creek Center is one of the nation’s largest mixed-use downtown redevelopment projects, covering two full city blocks in the heart of Salt Lake City. A six-panel retractable
skylight on each block arches above the central walkway, creating an indoor shopping environment during Utah’s snowy season. The panels open to admit sunlight and fresh
air, and reduce the demand for air conditioning in warmer months. The glass-clad panels arch 20 feet in the air as they cantelever over the public meeting areas and seal against each other to form 58 by 240 foot skylights. The two skylights have a slight s-shape that follows the walkway and flowing creek below. As they move to the open position, five of the panels in each skylight bow down, moving their cantelevered
arches out of the sightline of the public areas below.  A personal computer is used to operate the skylights at a speed of 8 feet per minute and allows them to move multiple times per day to accommodate changing conditions.