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Nanogen is the industry leading provider of supplements, treatments and concealers for men and women with thinning hair. As a British biotech company, Nanogen scientifically formulates real solutions to deliver real results.

Everyone has different needs, so Nanogen has three options to make anyone look and feel great:
- A Thicker, Fuller Head of Hair in an Instant. Nanogen Concealers create a transformation in seconds, so even people with visibly thin hair can have the confidence they want from day one.
- Healthy, Vibrant Hair from Within. Nanogen 2-in-1 Supplements nourish the hair to maintain healthy growth and vibrant hair condition.
- Hair growing slowly, not as long as you’d like, or looking thinner? Try Hair Growth Factors. They’re copies of the natural signals that tell your hair to grow. A full range is available containing this cutting edge technology designed to boost even thinning hair.