Music Registry offers radio airplay to independent and major artist on FM, Clear Channel, CBS, Radio One, Sirius Satellite, All National College CMJ Stations, AOL, Yahoo, MTV, MTV2, On Demand, Music Choice, VH1, Napster, Live, Shoutcast, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, Netherlands, Africa and China radio.  Our company networks with Program Directors, Station Managers, DJ's & radio affiliates to achieve national radio airplay, charting, tours and exposure. In addition, we add each track for digital accessibility and review by thousands of radio stations and encode for airplay monitoring with BDS and Mediabase.

Music Registry has grown to be one of the largest radio airplay firm's in the US. Our team develop's individual radio campaigns and coordinate station conferences to ensure reviews from program directors, station managers and DJ's. We believe that charting and airplay are the first steps to achieving national exposure and a successful music career.  Our employee's communicate daily with radio stations, radio affiliates, coordinate interviews, drops, merchandise/CD give away's, video placement, MTV/BET rotation, reality show placement, tours, video game's, movie's and commercials for national campaigns.  

Music Registry has helped over 2,000 major and independent artist while charting OVER 70% of our artist through monitored radio airplay!
Registermymusic.com charted OVER 300 artist in 2013.!

For more information log onto Registermymusic.com or call 1-800-470-8803