RyPul Threat Assessments is structured to evaluate the physical risk to you, your residence, school campus or commercial site. The threat assessment as a process was developed by the Secret Service and we are trained in this discipline, and developed several of our own while deployed around the world as personal security contractors working for the US State Department and US Department of Defense.  

The primary purpose of a threat assessment is to prevent targeted violence, and as experts in risk management, personals security, loss mitigation, school campus assessments and law enforcement active shooter training, we have provided our services to several Governments, Business Owners, School Systems and Private Persons around the world.

Contact us today and let us assess your specific situation and degree of risk as it pertains to an attack on you or your facilities.  As professionals we conduct in-depth threat assessments, then develop plans and process that you can use to improve your ability to survive in the event of an attack on you or your facilities.

RyPul Threat Assessment Professionals was founded in 2012 and its purpose is to assess “real world” risk for our clients and then provide our clients with the best options available to prepare your for survival in the event of an active shooter, home invasion robber or workplace violence. We are also uniquely positioned to provide personal security options for clients that operate in HIGH RISK environment such as war zones, natural disaster areas or other challenging locations around the world.

RyPul also collaborates with industry leaders in all security related fields to aid our clients in obtaining the absolute best in equipment, bulletproof products, blast resistant products, upgraded building materials, personal defense training and workplace security training.

Our consultants have recent high threat area experience carrying out site assessments, law enforcement training activities, guard force protection services and site evaluations in the United States, Central and South  America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

RyPul Threat Assessment, Force Protection, Site Assessment Experts, Residential Assessment Specialists and Security Force Trainers, have provide these services to the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Department of Defense other NGO's organizations around the world, and gained invaluable experience training military and civilian entities in the area of physical site and mobile security in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Korea, the Philippines and the United States. Our overall threat assessment teams are second to none in the area of analyzing threats to our clients and providing appropriate real time protections.