SmallCapStockPlays.com is a financial and investor relations website committed to covering the micro cap market space primarily focusing on Pink Sheets and OTC Bulletin Board and other sub-$5 stocks. We publish our Daily Market Movers Digest and Stocks to Watch newsletters which highlight some of the most active microcap stocks each market day, and we publish stock news articles throughout each market day highlighting the most active and promising stocks in the market for investors that day.

Additionally, SmallCapStockPlays.com publishes in-depth corporate profiles on publicly-traded companies that help individuals make smart investment decisions. We feature a variety of micro cap companies in vertical markets including technology, Internet, biotech, oil & gas, alternative energy, mining, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, entertainment and many other industries.

SmallCapStockPlays.com offers a suite of investor relations services designed to create awareness with micro cap investors. We communicate a client’s message to the investor community and raise awareness of the company and its stock.

SmallCapStockPlays.com focuses on undervalued and up-and-coming companies in the microcap space. We try to uncover hidden gems for investors and keep our investor members in the loop on what stocks are active and moving in the market.

SmallCapStockPlays.com specializes in promoting OTC Bulletin Board, Pink Sheets and other Microcap and sub-$5 stocks. Companies that benefit most from our services are those with excellent growth potential and limited media exposure.

Our personally customized media packages allows your company to streamline advertising costs while increasing profits!

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SmallCapStockPlays.com a wholly owned subsidiary of First Equity Group founded in 1994, is the Number One investor relations and investor awareness consulting company today. We provide both private and publicly traded companies with investor awareness solutions and marketing strategies to generate corporate awareness through out the financial community. Specializing in accelerating the growth and value of small to midsize companies with our investor relations and investor awareness services.

SmallCapStockPlays.com takes pride in its ability to inform and connect with our extensive following. Our vast and diversified audience is comprised of a loyal collective group of market makers, savvy retail investors, institutional money managers, financial analysts, and brokers, all of whom are interested in unique investment opportunities. SmallCapStockPlays.com distributes vital information among our faithful audience through multiple innovative strategies.

Raising Capital:Whether your company is looking to raise $500,000 or $5,000,000, SmallCapStockPlays helps public companies navigate the capital markets to secure the best possible source of private placement funding. While we have extensive ties with the most prolific small cap fund managers, brokers and institutions, the real power of SmallCapStockPlays lies with our extensive database of retail investors who are specifically looking to invest in small cap companies.

By focusing your private placement efforts on retail investors, you have the added benefit of significantly strengthening both the breadth and depth of your existing shareholder base. A win-win situation.

At SmallCapStockPlays we take Investor Relations to the next level. We customize a perfect fit for your company. While we actively endorse and reinforce your company's brand name and past accolades and achievements, we also drive a foremost point home: that your company, with the help of SCSP, is poised to make significant growth in the near future. Unlike most firms, we don't take a "cookie cutter" approach to investor relations. We tailor campaigns to best suit what you are looking to accomplish as a company. All our programs are made specifically to assist you, whether it be bringing in new investors, gaining market exposure, raising share volume, share value, or shareholder base. Furthermore, we have an audience guaranteed to be interested in hearing what we have to say about investing in your company. By creating an outstanding track record of good investments with thousands of investors, we are no more then an e-mail away from exciting scores of individuals with news of your company. Good advertising is one thing; a vast, easy-to-reach audience is another thing altogether. At SmallCapStockPlays, we allow a client company and potential investor great advantages all at the same time.