For most people, driving is their most hazardous daily activity, and seldom recognized, car crashes are the leading cause of violence in most communities, and teens are our most vulnerable drivers.

An independent, not-for-profit, service organization, Survive the Drive delivers an upbeat but deadly serious message that is laced with laws-of-physics and vehicle dynamics information. Delivering a powerful message about safe driving without the traditional ‘grim facts and gruesome photos, judgment and attitude are influenced with undeniable truth, facts and experience.

Survive the Drive accompanies and supplements safety awareness programs such as fire and ambulance company ‘mock-crash’ enactments, emergency service experience narratives and grief counselor programs.

Students who are exposed to the Survive the Drive program learn about the science, behaviors, and facts that contribute to automobile accidents and the steps that they can take to prevent mistakes behind the wheel.

Survive the Drive’s one hour program is presented with a caring attitude, enthusiasm and understanding and describes the science and behaviors of driving . . . and the most common mistakes.  A learning process is used to relate, develop and improve lasting, conscious and conscientious decision-making.  The presentations incorporate humor, real life stories, and downright seriousness.

The changing of a CD, checking a ringing cell phone, or replying to a text message could turn into a life-changing or life-ending event.

Nearly 100,000 new drivers, adults, community groups and businesses have benefited from Bob Green's Survive the Drive presentation since 1996, and the organization has been recognized nationally by major media, corporations, councils, conferences and boards.