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Yo-Fi Wellness was founded on the principle that only people can truly inspire action and change in other people. This axiom holds no greater truth than when it comes to wellness. Yo-Fi Wellness believes the right combination of content and technology can come together to create a tool that can change lives.

Yo-Fi Wellness increases individuals' interest and engagement in their own well being through its robust proprietary content and technology. As a dedicated software application, Yo-Fi Wellness delivers video and audio content that can be customized by the individual to experience wellness the way he or she wants it. The country's brightest talent in the areas of fitness, yoga, nutrition and meditation provide the much-needed, trusted guidance to encourage and bring about change. Plus, the unique calendar function guarantees that each user can schedule and plan to incorporate wellness into his or her life daily.

Yo-Fi Wellness is:
• Engaging
• Customizable
• Portable
• Sharable
• Constantly evolving with the latest and most effective wellness trends on the market.

Yo-Fi Wellness content is:
• Current
• Cutting Edge
• High Definition
• Expert
• Personality-based

Yo-Fi Wellness technology provides the advantage of an App with the capabilities of software.
• No software to install
• Cutting Edge
• High Definition
• Expert
• Personality-based