Cultivating the field of botanical art since 1994, the ASBA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting public awareness of contemporary botanical art, to honoring its traditions, and to furthering its development.

The vision of the ASBA is to recognize and encourage the highest standards of botanical art created by its members; to create an awareness of botanical art as a living art form with exhibitions in major museums around the globe; to acknowledge the power of botanical art to communicate the importance of plants to our world whether through conservation, science, horticulture or agriculture; to pass this art form and its techniques on to the next generation of botanical artists; and to expand the vision of botanical art while honoring its rich tradition and history.

The botanical art tradition combines science and art. Botanical artists seek to understand the structure of plants and to communicate this knowledge to their audience in an aesthetically pleasing manner. While botanical art encompasses a range of styles, the focus of the ASBA is on work that conforms to the above definition, whether it takes the form of scientific illustration or realistic drawing and painting of botanical subjects.

ASBA welcomes anyone interested in contemporary botanical art. Annual participation is open to individuals and institutions worldwide.  Our members include over 1200 professional artists, students, botanists, collectors and gallery owners, and botanical institutions from throughout the United States and 25 countries around the world.

ASBA supports exhibitions, education, information and literature to explain botanical art, presents the genre regularly to the public, and supports botanical artists as they continue to ensure that botanical art is a living art.

ASBA presents juried shows of members' artworks at venues across the nation.  ASBA members present lectures to the public through botanical gardens, natural history and art museums and schools.  

Members receive a quarterly Journal, chock full of information on workshops, master classes, exhibition opportunities, botany, book reviews, articles on art and the business of art, and reproductions of members' artworks.  An annual meeting and conference is held at various sites throught the U.S., featuring portfolio sharing, lectures, and workshops.  ASBA also provides awards and recognition to individual artists.

Finally, ASBA reaches out to the public and members alike with its website, featuring a gallery of full color artworks, links, journal, calendar, and other topics of interest.