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Best Maui Hikes is a guide: Maui's Top Trails Revealed!  

The Best Maui Hikes guide includes a lot of good solid trail information and details that’ll make your hike rewarding.  Each hike includes the location and directions, level of difficulty, unique features, trail maps, pictures and more. Our trail guide was put together by hikers who actually hike these hikes regularly.  The content is fresh and the hikes remarkable.  You’ll know which hikes are best for your next Maui adventure! Here...

Best Maui Hikes includes high-quality, easy to understand, trail maps of each hike.  Our maps are full-color accurate trail maps.  Maps include the trailhead, hike features, and useful information that you can use to find your way.  Maui has a lot of trails to choose from, so we’ve identified the very best trails to hike to save you valuable time. The entire Best Maui Hikes guide including the maps is downloaded in PDF format making it...

It’s important to have current data and advice from locals when traveling to unfamiliar places.  Best Maui Hikes has your covered and includes up-to-date information about each hike and more importantly, we’ve purposely left some hikes out of this guide due to dangers and recent serious injuries. Each hike has the basic information you need such as, location, trail map and main features.  You also get insider tips and advice about...

Best Maui Hikes was created while hiking “Swinging Bridges” one of the hikes included in the guide.  Two friends, both avid Maui hikers, came up with the idea because so many guides simply list a bunch of trails and often don’t include usable maps, current information or pictures of the actual trails.  We set out to remedy that by creating a compilation of what we consider the best hikes on Maui.

The criteria we used to decide which hikes would be considered came down to these factors: interesting topography, diverse foliage and shade at least part of the trail, a wide range of difficulty levels, and finally,  fun factor!  We cut out any hikes that proved too dangerous for most hikers and came up with a few hikes that could be enjoyed by everyone.
We included some easy, short hikes and some longer, more difficult hikes too.  The hikes, or trails are in different areas around the island, so if you’re visiting the island of Maui you can be sure that at least one of the Best Maui Hikes is within an hour drive of your hotel.  And if you’re living here on Maui, there’s plenty of reason to get out of the water and experience the remarkable trails on Maui!

Best Maui Hikes is a downloadable PDF and on the website you can get a free sample hike just by clicking on the link!  Hope you enjoy!  ALoha