David Consulting Group has the experience and credentials to help make your software development community perform better. Whether your group is an internal software development organization within a commercial corporation or Federal agency or a software product manufacturer, we help you improve software performance with a rare combination of people, process and price. Our clients receive maximum value and return on investment.  DCG can:
•  Bring a great deal of experience in commercial software development to this engagement

•  Provide measures and cost models used to improve the organization’s ability to estimate, plan and track key product development measures, e.g., cost, labor hours, size, rework, and cycle time, thereby, improving their competitive advantage in the market place

•  Help create an environment that will foster effective cultural changes designed to move an organization from a cost center mode to a profit center mode

•  Institutionalize the use of software best practices, templates and guidelines providing greater leverage to the production of consistently high quality products

•  Provide senior level consultants who are experts in both software development process improvement practices and standards for quality using frameworks such as CMMI, ISO, COBIT, OPM and others.


For over a decade, DCG has worked with clients worldwide from the Global 100 and 1000 providing them unparalleled expertise in software measurement, sizing and process improvement as well as IT performance improvement. Their success is our objective. Therefore, we focus on managing software performance and IT infrastructure to effectively deliver substantial IT value and benefits to the bottom line.

This strong focus on delivering customer value means we start with your business needs and objectives and align technology and process to raise your level of productivity, performance and quality. DCG projects measure, improve and deliver value by providing your organization with the training, consulting, coaching and mentoring aligned with your business objectives. With our extensive experience in industry and government, our solutions and recommendations leverage proven pathways for change uniquely tailored for your environment.

DCG provides clients a wide variety of outcome-based solutions that can move your organization to higher levels of performance. Whatever your starting point, we can guide you on your journey to higher performance. DCG’s diverse mix of clients access value-based consulting services and training that satisfy their organizational business objectives. Insights into successful software practices, applicable to DCG clients, are enabled through our Software Performance Industry database of over 7,300 recently completed (2005-2008) projects and 6,300 maintenance support applications.

With a large network of employees and associates specifically trained in software sizing, measurement, process improvement and IT performance improvement, DCG has the skill and resources to meet our client needs in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia and all points in between.

David Consulting Group has demonstrated a commitment to the software process improvement consulting market space since its inception. The DCG President (Michael Harris), the DCG Founders (David Garmus and David Herron) and the other DCG consultants are frequent speakers and presenters at major conferences worldwide. As published experts and recognized authorities, the principals and consultants at DCG continue to advance the state of the art of software process improvement with each engagement.

DCG’s expertise in a variety of techniques and methodologies support the improvement of IT processes and the measurement of delivery performance including:

-  Improve IT Processes
-  Value Visualization for Process Improvement
-  SCAMPISM Appraisals
-  CMMI Implementation Assistance
-  CMMI-Compliant Process Assets
-  Performance Modeling
-  6-Sigma / COBIT / IEEE / ISO
-  ITIL Implementation Assistance
-  Improving IT Processes
-  Implementation of Best Practices
-  IT Performance Coaching    
-  Measuring Delivery Performance
-  Software Delivery Metrics
-  Function Point Analysis
-  Estimation Assistance
-  Measurement Program Development
-  IT Performance Benchmarking
-  Metrics for Outsourcing Governance
-  Software Performance Industry Data
-  IT Customer Satisfaction Metrics

Our consultants are acknowledged authorities in the measurement, estimation and management of AD/M activities. Read about books published by DCG experts or download from our DCG Publications Library at http://www.davidconsultinggroup.com/publications/ .