You have a message--whether it's about a product, service, organization or cause. You also have thousands of potential avenues to deliver that message: television channels, radio stations, blogs, micro-blogs, podcasts and publications.

AlexanderG Public Relations has the strategic and tactical experience to tailor your message and identify the right channel for the best possible impact. More than ever, your message is only as good as your messenger. AlexanderG gets the message.

Public & Media Relations

Advertising buys awareness; strategic public and media relations earns credibility. The public values positive buzz, whether on the news, in the blogs or on the streets. We specialize in identifying what is newsworthy and what isn’t;  and will work with you to shape and deliver your message for the best outcomes.

Media Training

A lack of or an overabundance of confidence can be disastrous when engaging the news media. We’ll put our experience and methods to work to hit the right notes in your next interview, crisis situation or even a casual introduction to a reporter. You’ll gain a balanced sense of confidence based on reliable, proven methods– and that’s half the battle.


Giving a speech isn’t just “formal talking.” It’s an opportunity to share your message with a receptive audience and make connections. Whether its “off the cuff” message points or word-for-word keynote addresses, we help you find the best way to memorably express yourself to your audience.

Crisis Communications

Reaction to crisis can make or break a company, organization or career. Knowing the right way to communicate with the news media and public can mitigate the worst aspects of a crisis. AlexanderG Public Relations has the experience in dealing with everything from a terrorist attack to natural disasters to an investigative reporter at the door. We can train your team to react in the best way possible or we can be on call to handle everything as your representative. We’ll make your crisis into an opportunity to present you at your best.

Issues Management

Making change isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible. Whether you seek to pass a new law, encourage awareness of a health initiative or position your organization for a successful capital campaign, we can shape messages to advance your issue or initiative with public, media and governmental entities.

Other Stuff

When your career often involved being a one-person shop, you learn a little bit about a lot of things–kind of like having a Liberal Arts degree. So keep us in mind if you need a voice-over artist, spokesperson, photographer, editor or ghostwriter. We can do that stuff, but we should tell you right off the bat that we can’t draw, sing (well) or do windows–but we do know fantastic people who do.