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The Endless Road Tour
A man with MS...
A motorcycle...
A million miles....
Every day of every week, across the country there are events sponsored by MS organizations and pharmaceutical companies for MS patients, caregivers and professionals. There are hundreds of fundraising events as well. My mission will be to ride to, and speak at as many of these events as possible, encouraging others to find a way to continue to follow their passions. In addition to officially documenting one million miles ridden with MS, for MS, I will be attempting to set a few world records along the way, entering long distance competitions, completing various certified extreme rides as well as traveling to raise awareness of MS. In April 2013, I will attempt to set a new record of riding 50,000 miles in 50 days. I will attempt a multiple of other certified long distance rides throughout the entire odyssey, including such rides as the 50CC, which is coast to coast in under 50 hours, and the Three Flags, which is Mexico to Canada in under 24 hours! By chronicling this journey, this Endless Road Tour, I hope to inspire, empower, and help others facing a tough road, to push on, recalculate or reroute, but never stop reaching for their dreams and passions.