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National Cutting Tools are suppliers of concrete Reinforcing materials to the Construction Industry

Rebar Upsetting Technology:


1) The end of the reinforcement bars is swan square.

Cold Forging:

2) With the help of patented cold forging, the swan end of the reinforcing bar is then enlarged. With this the core diameter of the bar is increased to pre determined diameter.
3) An ISO standard metric thread is then cut
4. Easy Operation, saving time and rebar material. The rebar coupler producing and rebar end threading will not be affected by the weather; it can be processed before processing.
5. It can connect the rebar with the diameter 16mm to 40mm.
6. Use Carbon steel, with the thickness and length of the rebar coupler, the connecting part has higher tensile strength than the rebar part.


Website : http://rebarcouplers.com/rebar-parallel-coupler.html

Website : http://nationalcuttingtools.com/rebar-upsetting-technolog...