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New Life Pastoral Counseling, located in downtown Long Beach, provides Christian counseling to adult individuals, couples and families dealing with Life Stages (premarital counseling, divorce, marriage issues and enrichment) and Life Transitions (depression, loss and grief, identity crisis, etc.) by integrating  the knowledge of psychology and the wisdom of spiritual values into the course of treatment. We work to achieve health and wholeness.

Covering twenty years, Dr. Chester's services include working as youth group leader, InterFaith Board Advisor, Nondenominational Associate Pastor and lead counsel for it's counseling center. Dr. Chester, now counsels adults and families in private practice.

As a pastoral counselor, Dr. Chester, assists people as they struggle with who they are, why they feel the way they do, and where God is. Her core belief is that you can do nothing without God being the center of it; marriage, children, career or personal choices.

Dr. Chester, is an ordained Nondenominational minister and holds degrees in Pastoral Counseling and Divinity.

Pastoral counselors are distinctly trained to deal with specific issues of spirituality (faith) and religion (theology), thereby, providing a doubly qualified person. Learn how to apply Christ centered values and structure to your modern life.

Types of Counseling:
- Relationship Counseling
- Premarital Counseling  
- Marriage Counseling
- Grief Counseling
- Individual / Personal Counseling
- Dealing with Cancer
- African American cultural issues

Let New Life assist you with:
- Experience a Sense of Calm
- Dealing With Fear
- Divorce Recovery
- Resolve Internal Conflicts
- Relationship Hang-ups
- Stepping Out of the Past
- Conflict Resolution
- Military Wives Support
- Being a Co-Survivor