Rockers In Recovery Inc. non-profit (501(c)(3)(Pending) was created to provide support and funding for musicians and their families suffering from all forms of addiction.  Our goal is to provide education and support about addiction, as well as, treatment to those who cannot afford it.  We initiate and develop opportunities that encourage interaction between Rockers In Recovery and its fellow donors to help them maintain meaningful and rewarding connections to our organization.

How we do this, is through several concert and festival fundraisers per year to be known as “Rockers In Recovery Live Concert Series”. The Rockers In Recovery Band combines cream of the crop musicians, and some serious good time Rock and Roll. We also invite other musicians that are in recovery or support recovery to help carry our message of hope through music.  Most importantly the message of “Rockers In Recovery Live Concert Series” is that treatment and education mixed with “HAVING FUN” in recovery is indeed possible!!

Rockers In Recovery’s focus is also to help provide direct and indirect support to scientists worldwide, to improve recovery rates regardless of age, gender or severity of addiction. Through this involvement RIR will continue to grow stronger, and better serve all those struggling with addictions, while supporting educational preventative measures and community awareness.