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Daughters of Distinction
This a book of inspiration and encouragement comprised of writings by 12 awesome women of God who have revealed themselves to convey a right-now message to God’s people. This book helps God's people to increase their faith and grow spiritually.

Nova Publishing Company
Since 1986, Nova Publishing Company has provided self-help legal & business books to the general public. From business start-ups to estate planning, divorce & bankruptcy, Nova provides books and software that simplify business and consumer legal issues.

Sounds True
Sounds True is an independent multimedia publishing company with over 1,000 titles in spoken-word audio, books, music, DVDs, interactive learning kits, and online courses. Its collection focuses on personal healing and spiritual transformation.

Inez Bracy International - 1 followers
Inez Bracy International offers a wide range of programs and services; individual and group coaching, Teleseminars, seminars, and keynote speeches empowering women to reach a deeper inner understanding and live the life they desire.
A compelling new self-help book has been released on June 15th last. It is called A Better Tomorrow. It shows you how to realise your fuill potential in life. See for details. It is available in paperback and kindle versions.

I Need Help Now
Site dedicated to offering selected online products to assist in self-help. Purposely simple, the site offers to find answers in areas of mind, body, soul, and relationships without wasting time searching for them.

The Biggest Deal, Inc.
The Biggest Deal, Inc. is the parent publishing company for Bill White, The Synchronicity Expert and produces information products in the self help arena as well as produces a monthly digital magazine titled, Synchronicity In Your Life.

Coconut Avenue, Inc.
Coconut Avenue, Inc. is a new publishing company in Chicago, Illinois that publishes creative works that promote soul growth, personal empowerment and self-help that will raise the vibration of our planet.

illeanna enterprises
Illeanna has teamed up with Dove and is a facilitator the "Dove self-esteem fund" and "uniquely me" with girl scouts of America. Her ambitions and dreams will persevere through all obstacles as she fights not only for you but WITH you.

There's only 1 corner of the universe U can be certain of improving, and that's your own self. man who knows how to read has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full/significant/ interesting

Simversity is a an online social learning environment platform provider. Our social learning platform leverages emerging social media technology, mobile applications and interactive systems to create an innovative and immersive online learning experience.

DoALittleBit.Com, an internet “goal-achievement” site company based in the United States, has announced that they are launching a new website that will feature and information on the best motivational tools available to help people reach success.

BATAC Academy
Coach Comfort (Comfort Babalogbon) is an inspirational speaker and coach and she is the founder and president of Black Achievers Training & Coaching Academy - She is also the author of the new inspirational book, Beyond Being Black.

Hypnosis by Kyle
Hypnosis by Kyle specializes in sports hypnosis, behavior modification, and post traumatic stress issues. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can enhance an athletes performance and assist everyone in attaining their goals.

Iyndea Arts Group
Iyndea Arts Group is mainly a book publishing firm. In the future, it will focus its attention on others works of art.

New Thought Movement Publishing
New Thought Movement Publishing is dedicated to the distribution of metaphysical and enlightening resources. We have many works from past masters and their words of enlightenment but we are constantly perusing the best new minds of the current generation.

Tamaraw Publishing
My Business is from anything related to health, wealth and self help. I want to help people and not put them pressure to buy things from me. Give them what they want. I want to build a relationship with them and make win win situation for both of us.

Creating Legacy Network
Creating Legacy is dedicated to empowering individuals to joyfully utilize their whole selves –body, mind, feelings, heart and spirit as expressed by their unique talents, skills, interests and resources.

Home Is Where The Smart Is
A solution based series for today's American Homeowner & Home Buyer.

Delicious Path
Delicious Path is a personal development website for women. It was founded by Barbora Knobova, internationally published author and self-love coach. Delicious Path provides women with unique self-love programs and free self-development resources.

The NIA, Project, Inc.
A company that is committed to providing value of service & products that foster the development of self; through education, empowerment, visual, performing & healing arts. We assist others with clearly defining their creative paths with Source.

Life Recycler
Life Recycler (LR) has a global mission to reduce the waste of earth's "human" resources. Our approach is simple: There’s something worth recycling that you literally can’t live without… Your Life.

KnowI was founded with a core aim to spread Self awareness. The organization promotes and facilitates Self knowledge, i.e. the knowledge of 'I', through various mediums like books, articles, workshops, and trainings.

KnowI was founded with a core aim to spread Self awareness. The organization promotes and facilitates Self knowledge, i.e. the knowledge of 'I', through various mediums like books, articles, workshops, and trainings.

Phil L. Methot is a lecturer and author of "Through the Door!": A Journey to the Self. His book shows you how to win the battle between self-image and Will Power, and access you real potential. Phil's speeches introduces you to a powerful new you.

Q-Stim Publications
HOLONOMICS© and Q-Stim Publications are privately owned not-for-profit organizations and research groups which are dedicated to the research and preservation of health and well-being. More about holonomics is available at

self help information
Personal development and self help information.Destroy negative thought patterns and build self esteem ,confidence and lasting relationships.Take control of your life with self help information on how to achieve your desires. Build your self esteem.

Rixkin is a small publishing & production company committed to entertaining and inspiring others through various media.

Morevida, Inc.
Morevida, Inc. is a personal growth and development company whose mission is to provide experiences, community, tools and information for people to design and live practices that fulfill personal and business ambitions.

Cristin Frank Media
Cristin Frank is a business model analyst, author of "Model Rocket: How to Expand your Business Model and Blast Off the Ground," and host of "Biz Court: Is it a Business or a Hobby" on Ustream TV. Cristin is available for interviews.

The Rescue Institute
Our mission at the Rescue Institute is to help 10 million people save themselves from the lives they've created! We do this through training Executive Coaches around the world as well teaching individuals to become the architects of their lives.

Tony Papajohn and Associates
Tony Papajohn empowers opportunity-minded people for success and more money. He helps wealth seekers transform know-how into cash. He offers a free, 9-part video series at

Just 1 Publishing
"One Book at a Time". Custom personal publisher. Filling the gap between Vanity Publishing and the major publishing houses. We'll pay attention to YOUR book.

Creator in You
Despite what your circumstances suggest you are not helpless, powerless or hopeless. You in fact, have a power hard wired into you greater than you could ever have imagined: the power to create. The choice is Yours.

Soul Therapy
Soul Therapy offer solutions to restoring balance and harmony to the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of peoples lives, using a therapeutic approach to healing with professional past life regression and energy healing and success coaching

Positive Self Belief Information Providers
Positive Self Belief Information Providers are providers of high quality information for people who have self-help issues in their life. They help people overcome problems such as depression, anxiety, low confidence, stress and much more.

Xceptional Coaching
I am a Life and Business Coach and published Author. The emphasis of my work is to assist individuals and groups to acheive success in all areas for their life. My book "Three Steps to Ultimate" is a must for all those who are committed to creating change

Hypnosis Service
I offer hypnotherapy services to different individuals including businessmen, singers etc. I also teach people hypnosis and self hypnosis secrets on my hypnosis blog

The Secret for Children
A fairy tale story that was brought from a Polynesian village. It is the story of Thaynna, she got permission from her parents to learn about The Secret. A secret, that everyone in her village already knows.

All About Knowledge
A boutique company that creates and publishes reliable natural health and self-help digital books and content for worldwide distribution.

Reflect clothing has powerful affirmations written in reverse, revealed when seen in a reflection. This serves to strengthen your beliefs every time you see yourself so that positive change can occur. Reflect is making affirmations a fun & easy practice.

Practical resource for self help and development... We believe that most people still have volumes of untapped potential hidden inside them, just waiting for someone to show them how to unlock it!

Mother Nation Publishing
Mother Nation is a publishing company based in Montreal, Canada. It was first created to finance the SMM Generation Project. However, it has already received offers to publish other manuscripts. The SMM project, has started negotiations for a movie.

Derrick Ellis Enterprises & Derrick Ellis Books
Derrick Ellis Books provides books that matter. WWW.DERRICKELLISBOOKS.COM Where we provide some of the most entertaining and informative books in the world. We provide anywhere from motivational. inspirational, entrepreneurship, and humor books.

Self Help Reviews
Learn And Compare The Latest On-line Self Help Products And Programs. Compare many self help programs including Create your dreams, your personal attractor genie, reprogram your mind and body, subliminal messages and much more self help information.

Books by Amy
Books by Amy features books for children who may have parents going through a serious illness and may lose their hair due to treatment. These books help parents explain the hair loss in a lighthearted way which makes the children smile.

Star Noble Inc
Author. Writer. Reviewer. Find and review products that can help people be stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Strategic Book Group - 4 followers
Strategic Book Group specializes in promoting the works of new and previously undiscovered writers. We make books available to bookstores and Internet distributors throughout the United States and Europe. SBG is aggressively seeking new talent.

MLG Global Solutions, LLC
Live in Freedom is dedicated to supporting seekers of all types in their search for wealth, growth, abundance, happiness, love and freedom.

Mary Terzian - 1 followers
Author and freelance writer. First book, "The Immigrants' Daughter", won Best Books 2006 Award, was finalist in Indie Excellence 2007 Book Awards, and now winner in Dan Poynter's 2012 Global E-book awards. all in multiultural nonfiction category.

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