Team Hypernet is a group of web artisans and search engine optimizers who deliver cost effective website development and search engine optimization - SEO - services to start-ups, small and mid-sized companies and organizations to help them attain search engine success - SES.  

Team Hypernet defines search engine success as when any of their clients’ sites appear on the first page of relevant Google searches.

Team Hypernet helps its clients win by leveraging the following three factors of success

#1: Own your name and own your brand.  
#2: Own key strategic categories.
#3: Leverage blogs & social media

Team Hypernet provides its services directly, through strategic partnerships, and via a network of independent sales representatives.  The company also conducts public Internet marketing seminars that teach the basics of SEO strategy development and implementation utilizing low-cost and free web tools to help attain search engine success.

Team Hypernet services include:

- High-end applications, databases and e-commerce

- Logo design/re-design and branding

- Website design and content development

- Mobile friendly websites and QR codes

- Search Engine Optimization services

- Blogging and social media strategies

- Internet public relations and media outreach

- Hosting, e-mail and online collaboration tools

- Mini websites and online directory placements

- Ongoing training and strategic planning

Please visit http://teamsearchengine.com/contactus.html to explore how Team Hypernet can help your business or organization gain and maintain a competitive edge by leveraging search engine success to grow your bottom line.