The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival was founded in 2011 to create a large-scale platform for independent film in Kings County. The AoBFF is unique because filmmakers must have a “Brooklyn connection” in order to be eligible. That means cast or crew were born or live in Brooklyn, or the film was shot in or inspired by the Borough.

While film festivals in Brooklyn are typically smaller and based in a few North Brooklyn neighborhoods, we'e created an international festival that doesn't exclude local filmmakers or audiences. We think of this as uniting “new” and “classic” Brooklyn in one event.

Our audience is as diverse as the borough itself: native New Yorkers of all ages, young transplants from Brooklyn’s artistic community and a true Brooklyn crowd composed of practically every ethnic group in the city. Ours is the only film festival where you will find old ladies from the neighborhood and out-of-towners rubbing elbows with tattooed hipsters and the odd movie star.