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Atlantico Hotel Advisors, with offices in Dublin and Amsterdam, offers hotel consulting and expert hospitality advisory services in the following core areas: feasibility, investments, strategy and mixed-use projects. Focused on European and African markets, our boutique hotel consultancy views every assignment through a global lens of emerging industry trends.

Our methodology follows a clear path, from judicious research and interviews through to expert benchmarking, analysis and delivery. A deep understanding of hotel investment parameters and risk thresholds allows us to form incisive opinions and well-supported conclusions that go beyond the pro forma. A combination of practical and academic viewpoints ensures the highest degree of accuracy in our assumptions.

Our international clients rely on us for our industry track record, network and experience – credentials that are brought to bear on each hotel consulting engagement. Our Principal leads every assignment, ensuring a high level of personal service and senior industry expertise. (http://www.atlanticoha.com)