Sarah Kanetzke graduated from UNC- Chapel Hill in 1993 and has been in the beauty industry since 1998. She received training in eyelash extensions from the company with the highest regarded reputation in the industry, along with the most advanced techniques and products- Xtreme Lashes®!   Xtreme Lashes® ensures their Eyelash Extension Stylists receive a comprehensive education and adhere to strict guidelines in the application of the extensions.  Unlike other lash extension companies, Xtreme Lashes requires certification of their Lash Extentionists through a process of skills assessment, before allowing them to purchase their products!  Their emphasis is on the importance of safety and precision when it comes to the eye area.  In response to the growing demand for eyelash extensions, Sarah opened her own business, with the main focus being on providing clients with precisely the eyelash "look" they desire. From a natural enhancement to dramatic, celebrity-like lashes, Sarah customizes every eyelash set to the preferences of each client.
Located within the Salon Space at 1911 Falls Valley Drive, in North Raleigh, Sarah may be reached at 919.622.7665. www.vagaro.com/lashingimpression