We formed SE Controls almost 30 years ago, at a time when the use of window automation
was in its infancy. Through continued reinvestment in research and development we have
grown in to one of the pre-eminent companies delivering natural ventilation, smoke control
and window automation solutions throughout the world. We use cutting edge technologies
and simulation packages to optimise designs for the benefit of our clients.
Our solutions…
Now on a global stage, we offer our expertise to designers who want to create
environmentally friendly, naturally ventilated and safe buildings. We want to share our 30
years experience of literally thousands of projects with our partners to optimise every solution.
We want…
Through optimal design, buildings can consume less energy and be healthier, safer places to
work and live. We are actively involved in every stage of the life cycle of the building – from
planning and early design to delivery and installation through to post occupancy optimisation
and maintenance. We have a reputation and a retained client base that underlines the
excellence of our solutions.