Bliss is the key…
Welcome to the new Chaya Garden Ashram. This is a personal invitation from Evan and Laine to join us at the palapa by the waterfall for rejuvenating yoga classes, world class healing massage, and stimulating self development workshops, meditation and more. Our goal as healers and yogis is to share the experience of bliss with the world, recognizing bliss as the primary method of self-realization. To experience true bliss is the highest calling, and the most critical thing you can do for yourself and the planet right now. At Chaya Garden Ashram, we promote bliss through yoga, meditation, mantra, massage and music.
The natural magic of Monkey Falls can be seen looking down from our yoga palapa. The waterfalls are spring fed, falling down limestone formations, creating a highly ionized local environment. This uplifting atmosphere intensifies in the pool itself, the energy of the living water caressing , cleansing, revitalising and uplifting you from the skin to the bone. The spiritual vibration is high in this sacred ancient location. The palapa, a thatched roof structure, rises overhead like a giant umbrella, the leaves woven like a huge basket which rests on the many supporting poles which radiate from the center post. This traditional structure, being fractal, is optimal for the best possible flow of energy and vibration for healing and yoga, as fractal energy patterns are most conducive to experiencing bliss.
Chaya Garden Ashram offers Belize’s only Kombucha Bar, with new elixers daily. We serve the best vegetarian food in Cayo, offering post –yoga brunch and wonderful dinners nightly based on fresh local produce. Early birds can get a light breakfast until 8 am, yoga runs from 10 am ‘till noon daily. Private sessions are also available. Dinner or brunch reservations can be made by calling us at (501)666 7361.
Feel free to drop by and take a tour of the ashram. We are happy to answer questions and inquiries about healing and yoga. It is our greatest pleasure to introduce you to something new.