10EQS (‘Ten X’) connects clients with global top talent in a structured, online collaboration environment. We are a new way of getting high-quality answers to well-defined business questions, quickly and inexpensively. We tap into world-class expertise on-demand to deliver the answers you need to make winning decisions for your business.

10EQS integrates established management consultancy principles with 10EQS Apps to bring clients an easy-to-use knowledge service providing high quality, high speed answers at lower costs. Here is what 10EQS provides:
• Answers to complex questions on highly specialized topics requiring deep expertise;
• Multiple expert perspectives and insights that address specific client issues; and
• Fact-based assessment of markets across a wide range of geographies, industries, and functional areas.

We provide the opportunity to connect and collaborate with peers, solve important problems, earn a living, and grow and develop professionally. So far, we have successfully delivered projects for top global companies in Financial Services, Telecom, Media, Steel, Petroleum/Chemicals, eCommerce, High-Tech, and other industries worldwide.

Visit us on www.10EQS.com