A compelling alternative to the traditional brackets for the Men’s College Basketball Tournament. No more busted brackets!


By the time March rolls around, everyone is a basketball fan.

The tournament captures our attention. 64 games in the opening four days. The upsets. The Buzzer Beaters. Cinderella wreaks havoc and pandemonium reigns!

And yet, the brackets don’t quite capture the greatness of the tournament. By the second round, millions of us are suffering from a nasty affliction: Busted Bracket Syndrome.

That’s it. The rest of the tournament is dead to us.

Enter 13 UNBRACKETED, a simple, interactive game soon to be launched on Facebook and later as a mobile app.

By selecting the right mix of darkhorses and favorites to create your “Lucky 13”, you'll be engaged in the tournament longer and have more fun.

The dual scoring system encourages participants to select a range of low to high seeds. This brings an (otherwise missing) element of strategy to the selection process.

Cinderellas definitely have a place at this ball.

But best of all, no more busted brackets after the first round!