Need an exterior or interior wall done? We install drywall, plaster walls and stucco. We also can install any type of window, from a small awning window in a basement to a great bay or bow window that stretches over an entire wall of the living room. New doors or windows? Exterior/interior doors are also something we specialize in. Need a new roof or a repair to an existing one? Our team of professionals can install roofs! Also, we install insulation according to the building codes of the area. The right insulation will make sure a household stays warm during cold Long Island winters. In addition, at 1A we enjoy creating the kitchen or bath of our customers’ dreams. We can sit down with you and help plan the best kitchen or bath within your budget.
At 1A, we specialize in anything having to do with Long Island home improvement. Anything you want done we can gladly accommodate. If you’re looking for a Long Island contractor you need look no further, our team of professionals knows the building codes of the area and always come equipped with the necessary building permits. Any customer in the Long Island area who’s looking to start a project that requires the best Long Island contractors or Long Island home improvement company should get in touch with us today! Give us a call at 516.280.5390.