FIRST ASSET RECOVERY GROUP, LLC is a financial services company providing advanced recovery solutions in the distressed receivables market. We are focused on all aspects of debt management, from paper purchasing and debt sales to contingency collections, debt recovery and call center consulting.

Headquartered in Buffalo/Niagara our company is a fast-paced, fast-growing organization directed by a seasoned team of financial experts with decades of experience in debt purchasing, collection and management.

Noted throughout the industry for the high caliber of our personnel, we are also known for delivering highly profitable returns for our clients. Because our portfolio constantly changes, we can provide opportunities for both the debt seller and the debt purchaser.

Partnering with FIRST ASSET RECOVERY GROUP, LLC will allow you to differentiate yourself when developing and proposing an enterprise or business solution. By combining your IT, industry, and horizontal focus with our full range of customer facing, outsourcing services, you can offer a complete BPO solution to meet all of your clients' needs.

FIRST ASSET RECOVERY GROUP, LLC offers the competitive edge over our competition through our:

Proven results
Best-in-class performance, efficiency, and quality
The financial strength of a publicly traded company
History of successful partnerships
Demonstrated flexibility
Substantial investment in infrastructure

First Asset Recovery Group is a privately held company founded on wholesome family values and conducts business with respect, dignity, and fairness. First Asset Recovery Group specializes in the procurement of delinquent account receivables and help creditors liquidate these receivables through extensive training, innovation, automation and analytics.

We are experts at debt purchasing and debt collection. Our expertly-trained staff of consultants is here to guide you through the challenging process of debt management.

First Asset Recovery Group employs some of the industry's most experienced professionals while maintaining the highest standards of compliance