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—Jack Brice Medlin II

Book Summary
Jack Brice’s story
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Book Summary
Caught in the Middle: Trying To Be a Sane Christian in an Extreme World is a book about how politics has influenced what you believe about the Bible.   Just as the world is trying to rewrite the Constitution so is what is written in then Bible under assault.

Jack Brice’s story  
The life he was in for himself left him in a real mess.  One day he fell to his knees and surrendered.  He shares his raw story of triumph over tragedy, and how it as well as how politics influences your religion.  Jack Brice finishes with Grace and Psalms.  

He carries the message of HOPE to those that have believed certain beliefs about salvation and trusted others to guide our way.

Jack Brice and distant family mostly reside in Tennessee.  He can be found in his home or on a local trail.  Jack Brice has worked in various fields for over 30 years but has found his calling in the Bible. Jack Brice shares his raw story of life from good times, tragedy and triumph, along with the real story of the Bible.  See how politics influences your salvation.

Sample of Book



        chapter 1: My story

        chapter 2: The Pendulum

        chapter 3: The Defense

        chapter 4: Is There A Hell

        chapter 5: The Sex Stuff

        chapter 6: Down To The River

        chapter 7: The Subjects Not Discussed

        chapter 8: The Political Chapter

        chapter 9: The Sum Of All Things

               chapter 10: my Psalms


“Why don’t you write a book?” they said. Something I never thought I would do.  In fact, English has always been my weak subject.  My father has written books, but I never thought it would be me. There are many roles that we do not mean to or think we will do, but God calls us to serve in them. It was not my intention to be president of the HOA where I live, but I saw what was happening to the property.  So, on the board I went and now have been elected president. It is the same reason that I have decided to write this book. This book is not something that I dreamed of or thought would come to fruition, but here it is. I have lived enough days and experienced enough life to see things that are troubling. Some of the beliefs are not new. They are problems that were addressed in the various letters written to the early church.  Yet there is a resurgence of some of these beliefs.  Other beliefs are new because of the society in which the church is involved today. People who follow Christ are to be “set apart” from the world. Instead we are letting the world define who God is or who the world thinks he should be. We are also letting the world define what is moral (if any) and immoral. For instance, you have a bill in the state of California that states you cannot preach that alternative lifestyles are a sin.  There are also demonstrations at a churches in cities because they preach against alternative lifestyles. This is just a sample of what is happening and it is just the beginning. The LOVE that God has shown us is beyond anything we deserve.  He has done immeasurable things for us, which this book will hopefully convey. It kills me to see humans redefine his love to fit their personal feelings or fit the philosophies of the day or a political agenda. It all started one day when I was asked “why do you believe there is a Hell.”  The question took me by surprise.  Are you serious? At first I was going to call this book “A Two-way Street.”  Not much later I was in a discussion with another person who believed salvation was earned based upon how many people you have dunked (baptized).  It was crazy and wanted to make me pull my hair out. No wonder people are leaving Christianity in droves. Of course, there are several reasons for the decline. I have no doubt that this is one reason that people are leaving and outside people are looking inward and thinking that they do not want any part of this thing called Christianity. Hence the change in title names to what it is now.

This book is not meant to be political.  Although the prevailing philosophies of the day have a big influence on how we interpret scripture.  In fact, it is impossible to not let our politics of the day effect the way we worship God. Liberalism and Conservatism have turned the Bible and Jesus’ message into a circus.