Our team at 1mpact Revolution focuses on providing the technological tools, vision and other support that enable social, economic, cultural, environmental change and revolution. Our mission is to provide these tools to companies and organizations that are focused on creating a self-sustaining, positive impact with their economic model or social project.

We believe in using technology to help build concepts that create more than just financial return. In our view, businesses, organizations and even governments shaping tomorrow’s future will be better off in the long term if they invest in models that are truly self-sustaining. An economy that is solely focused on creating short-term currency value has misunderstood the meaning of true success if it fails to add long-term value that is felt throughout a whole eco-system. The buzz in investments is redirecting itself towards this new approach, one which creates a real wealth effect. Among investors and philanthropists, it is often referred to as ‘Impact Investing’.

In our approach, we search to leverage technology to create win-win situations across multiple platforms and industries, enabling a new synthesis that will allow social, environmental and cultural change to actually happen!

Our team at 1mpact Revolution is looking forward to becoming - together with you - an essential part of true change. Let’s team up and lead the way towards a new eco-system that measures and adds true value to its economic system every step of the way.

Do you feel that you or your organization can play an important role in creating this exciting future? Contact us and together we will become the social fabric that shapes the world for tomorrow.