1pen Publish publishes interactive E-pubs in different languages, formats and genres such as. children's books, adult and juvenile fiction, and teaching and information materials on reading and socially relevant themes and taboos.

Our ebooks are cheap, accessible and can be read on Pc, all Apple and Android phones and tablets. Furthermore, they can be bought as Mobi for Kindle readers, Nook from Barnes&Noble and Kobo for Kobo readers.

Our customers are concerned about protecting our nature; therefore, we produce ebooks and are Partners with OneTreePlanted. For each book sold we donate OTP $1 for planting 1 tree.

Visit our webpage where you can buy the eBook and read a free excerpt and more information about the book and 1pen e-Publish. https://1pen-epublish.com/the-little-green-dragon/

For further information and questions use our contact page or email to: team@1pen-epublish.com
1pen e-Publish is a new Danish publisher who produces interactive eBooks in different languages, formats and genres. Such as children's books, adult novels, teaching materials and about socially relevant themes and issues. https://1pen-epublish.com