1st California Law represents bankruptcy and foreclosure clients in Orange County, California.  For those with overwhelming debt and unable to keep up on monthly payments should seek legal assistance from a bankruptcy attorney for protection under the Bankruptcy Code.  Many do not realize there are real solutions to their financial problems whether through bankruptcy, debt consolidation, loan modifications or other means allowing debt relief.  Some benefits of bankruptcy include the fact that creditors must cease their collection activities, and the debtor has a chance to discharge some debts while retaining certain real estate or assets.  The firm understands the problems related to large debt and work to help clients resolve their financial situations.  The attorneys pay close personal and professional attention to each client and case.  One can start taking control by reaching the firm and receiving an initial consultation to review the financial picture and advice as to the best solution.  You can learn more about the firm at http://www.OC-BankruptcyLawyer.com.