Who We Are

We are a small group of experienced paranormal investigators in the Springfield, MO area. We are open minded, scientific, and professional.
Are you haunted? Do not be scared, contact us.We perform ghost hunting in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Our Mission

Helping people to understand the unexplained, by using a scientific and logical approach to collect and document evidence of the paranormal.

What We Do

Our group is new, even though we have all been doing this for a while. We have many friends in the paranormal arena, and enjoy talking to other people who share the same passion for paranormal investigations. All of us have had our own paranormal experiences, and we know that seeing, hearing, feeling, or even smelling something nobody else does, is not cause for a psychiatric examination.
We do have fun, but we take our task seriously. Please don't hesitate to let us know if your home, business, or property is having unexplained activity. Our goal is to help people. We know that living in fear, especially if you have a family, is no way to live. We don't charge for our services, but donations are welcome.
You will find the downloadable forms to get your investigation started here. You can call, email, or send us a message, and expect a response within 24 hours.

If you are in need of our help in your home, business, or property, please contact us at (417) 208-9092 or email contactus@1trueparanormal.com. We can set up an initial interview and schedule an investigation. We want to help, and we will believe you! For more information, click here.