Nursing demonstrates a Love  and Special care for others, which I have devoted my life to since 1980. Jewelry designing demonstrates a love and Special care for beauty, unique designs, craftsmanship, Gemstones and fashion statements which has become a devotion in my life since 2009.

To me, Jewelry making is fun and brings a lot of joy, as I see each unique necklace design take form. When someone else loves it as much OR more than I do, it inspires me more with each new creation. As I start to work on each new necklace design, it must be so bold and unusual that it "Pops" with color and creativity, as if it is talking to me. IF it doesn't, it goes aside and I try something different. Amazingly, ALL my customers express how much each necklace "Pops" as they purchase the ONE that was uniquely designed just for them.

Designing a necklace is like giving birth. It is a "Joyous Surprise" bringing into existence each new creation, requiring them all to be named. Some, unfortunately, have left my home as orphans, selling on their first showing, faster than I could name or photograph them.

I take great pride in the quality and durability of each unique necklace AND the fact that each can be an accessory to accent all your latest fashions, being worn for more than just one occasion. I fully guarantee the craftsmanship of each necklace, earring OR bracelet I design and make, with a full refund, repair or replacement of equal value.

When I think back to the first necklace I designed, I laugh. I borrowed a booklet from a friend, read it, bought some beads with a tray and attempted to make a necklace. I was using beautifully dyed rough cut shell to accent a cross pendant. (Go to:/Jewelry Shop/The Cross/) to see the necklace. I meticulously counted the number on each side of the spacer beads, MANY times, with small defects noted in the arrangement of one side compared to the other. On the 7th time of re-stringing, I realized that with rough cut beads you can't count the number. You have to measure the placement of each section as it is completed, to be exactly even on both sides. I almost threw the tray of beads away before I came to this conclusion. WOW! Am I ever glad I gave it the good old college try of "One more time!" The necklace sold the first time it was shown and I have since created many variations of it, until the cross pendant ceased to be available for purchase. It proved to be one of my best sellers and yet each necklace was completely unique in its own style and design.