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Search Engine Optimisation is a double barrelled gun which includes ‘on-site’ SEO and marketing, lowering your bounce rate and increasing the time spent on site with effective marketing tips and a call to action, and ‘off-site’ driving much more traffic to your site via backlinks and boosting organic results in Google and other search engines. Want to beat your competitors in Google?
Small Business SEO Package

I am an independent consultant so do not have large overheads and I am able to provide services at a competitive cost. On site visits locally can be arranged, however 99% of my work is carried out remotely by exchanging emails or chatting on Skype: Nina1weekseo

SEO benefits can be demonstrated directly from adding a YouTube video to your homepage:

What is SEO and How Do I Get To Google Page 1

To get to Google Page 1 you need to Google your keywords and look at your competitors, as the top 10 results are displayed and you need to knock one of those websites off for you to feature.

Know nothing about SEO? Heard about meta tags but fail to understand? Benefit from my experience in effective communication by explaining in a language you can understand.

Most popular questions include:

   Q: How long will it take me to get to Google page 1 and how much will it cost?
- Google cannot be manipulated so no one can promise page 1. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise! Page 1 is always the aim of any SEO, but for a company to promise Page 1 then they are using Google Adwords which is page 1 paid-for advertising. REMEMBER: Results are directly correlated to investment, as your competitors demonstrate. How much do you think your competitors have invested?

   Q: What are Adwords?
- Adwords are a keyword-triggered paid for listing by Google. Also known as PPC – Pay Per Click. Adwords can guarantee Google page 1 within 20 minutes, however the cost is not effective for a wide variety of businesses. Essentially, you pay every time someone clicks your advert, but not every visit to your webpage will result in a sale or a conversion. Google offers an average of 3% conversion rate – that’s 3 in every 100 clicks. So, if you are paying 50p per click, 100 clicks is £50, 3 of the 100 will buy, resulting in a cost per conversion of £16.67 per sale. Have you got this marketing budget built into your product or service?

   Q: What is a search engine?
- Google is a search engine, you enter your keywords and search, other search enhgines include Bing (MSN) and Yahoo. Your website should be optimised and verified in these top 3 search engines to prove the most effective results in SERPs – Search Engine Results Pages