2-20 Records Management, LLC, is a family of companies with a new and unique approach to Records and Information Management.  2-20’s mission is to provide a national RIM presence, supported by an experienced management team, delivered by established local companies with local touch and feel.  2-20 will deliver on its mission through exemplary service, innovative and cutting-edge technology and a personalized approach.  2-20 is the vision of a team of accomplished, experienced, leaders in the RIM Industry.

With a shared mission, values and experience, the 2-20 family of companies continues to grow in number and national presence, driven by local companies, serving the unique needs of their markets.  Each company is supported and strengthened by the 2-20 Management Team, yet maintains its personal identity and ability to tailor its information management solutions to its marketplace.  Local presence and personalized service provides the core of the Smart Storage Solution™ service model each 2-20 location delivers.

Smart Storage Solutions™ represents the core of 2-20’s commitment to its clients.  The concept is to provide information management that is personal, technologically advanced, compliance driven, secure, and always cost effective.  Smart Storage Solutions™ pairs our specialties:  digital, imaging, data protection, destruction and document management with the specific needs of our client.  Smart Storage Solutions™ is not only a true customer centric approach to RIM, Smart Storage Solutions™, makes smart business and financial sense.