The most important part of this or any program is providing services that everybody uses, needs or wants. Our business model and compensation package is based on acquiring new customers to use the services that our vendors provide. We all use the phone, internet, cable TV, etc. If you could get the same or possibly even better pricing while getting paid for sharing and/or using these everyday services, why wouldn’t you? As your friends, colleagues and customers grow to appreciate the benefits of the services and support we offer, they too will have the option to join with you and your team to earn compensation by participating in the business opportunity.

In addition to world class customer service, cutting edge product selection, exceptional training and other items to support you in your journey to success, the other key component is – “How will you be compensated? Our goal is to provide a Compensation Plan that supports the part-time individuals who are looking to earn a few hundred dollars monthly while also providing one that supports the major business builder.

One of the features of our unique compensation package is that it utilizes a dynamic program called “Life Codes”. When you start to build and train your customer acquisition team, the first four (4) representatives that join your team become what we call your “Elite Team.” Remember that term as it becomes important for the long term. As you move through the rank and advancement of the compensation program you start a new group at each success level. Think in terms of 3 steps to success – We call them Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each step creates a new “Life Code” and if you are at step 3 (or Gold), your new team members fall not only into your Gold Code but also your Bronze and Silver. What that means is that you earn a percentage of each member who is coded to you in each of your coded teams. This creates a major earning opportunity, unlike anything in the industry. Every time a person that is coded to you uses one of our services, the cash register rings. Now, remember your “Elite Team?” In the case of those first four (4) representatives you also receive a residual match of up to 15% of what they personally earn in their Life Codes.

You may be saying to yourself that if you aren’t a builder, then… “What are my chances for success and how do I participate?” The answer is….we have a time tested and true “safety net,” in place to help insure your potential success. We use a 3 X 9 power matrix for a monthly residual program for our representatives as well. Simply put, you earn a percentage of revenue produced by each person in your matrix. By nature of a power matrix you can only have 3 people on your first level, then 9 on your second level, 27 on your third level, etc., through nine levels. Our goal is to get you into a position where you are able to handle your monthly business expense out of earned commissions and not out of your pocket. In a 3 X 9 matrix when the people on your team and in your matrix enroll new team members they will fall into your matrix. Help from builders above you in the genealogy can help to create a potential residual monthly income. The matrix is dynamically compressed removing inactive representatives as new ones are being added.

The Life Codes and the 3 X 9 power matrix are only two of many exciting components of the 5C Network compensation program. However, please know that it is not essential for you to totally understand everything about the plan right now. Rest assured that there will soon be much more detailed information and training on this topic coming soon. We just want to wet your appetite with this early overview and preview of what the exciting compensation program has to offer…the best is yet to come!