Do you ever have this feeling - that the internet is just too big and too complex to be useful ?
Too many bookmarks, search engines, social networks ...
Too many websites names to remember ...
When all you need is simply one place to find them all. One website to remember and that's it.

Welcome to 200Linx - the website that brings you everything that's good on the Internet in one click, on one place.

We searched thousands of websites and surveyed hundreds of internet users to make your life easier.
We had one single question in mind: what are the most useful websites for most people ?
Or in other words: where do they spend their time online ?
We gathered the findings in a single place, under one page, totally free: 200Linx.com.
Each page has 25 categories of websites: News, Sport, Weather, Health, E-mail services etc.
Each category consists of  the 8 most useful websites. Total: 200 great links. As simple as that.

Check it out now. You'll see that at least 90% of the websites you use every day are there. And if less than that - you've got to let us know ... so we can make 200linx better.

Why do we care so much to make your life easier ?

Because we came to realize that our friends and families ask us the same questions all the time:
"How I reach this what's-its-name website ..."
"I don't find my bank website"
"I don't find that recipe site on Google ..."
"What is the best health website?"

So we created 200Linx !

The best way to use 200Linx is to set it as your homepage. This way, whenever you start your web browser you'll see 200linx logos and will be able to find your favorite website immediately.

200Linx is also a great way to discover new useful websites. All you need to do is press a logo - and you're there.