December 21, 2012 Insurance Co. was founded with the express purpose of providing something never before heard of in the insurance industry: The easiest to qualify for and best financial value comprehensive personal property insurance for end-date December 21, 2012.

While the vast majority of insurance offered today, including property insurance, takes the average person literally weeks to read through the terms to understand if they can even qualify for it, the one-page comprehensive personal property insurance policy offered by December 21, 2012 Insurance is revolutionary. The average person can easily read the entire policy in less than 5 minutes, and know right away that they qualify and can get coverage right away, before the last minute rush.

As long as all three of the customer's personal address, billing address and the address of where the property to be insured is located are within the places served by December 21, 2012 Insurance, they can get coverage and rest easy through whatever
may occur on the historic day.