Founded by Simon Garber in 2006, 2020 Financial is a Boutique Retirement Specialist and Wealth Management firm in Southampton, designed to help individuals achieve financial freedom in retirement.

2020 Financial offers leading-edge technology to its clients that allows them to track their money against financial goals. Our goal is to provide tailored advice with excellent customer service and industry-leading technology to empower our customers to achieve financial freedom.

2020 Financial are Independent Financial Advisers and offer the following services:
- retirement planning
- retirement strategy
- wealth management
- pension transfers
- pension consolidation
- wealth management
- estate planning
- tax-efficient investment planning
- investment portfolio management
- life insurance
- auto-enrolment for businesses
- power of attorney financial planning

We take away the barriers that most people have to money and explain their investments in simple, easy to understand terms so our customers feel at ease with their financial future, they have a plan and they understand the strategy that's going to get them there.

Having access to an easy to use app gives them 24/7 access to track their finances, it helps engage them with their money goals and takes away the stress and fear that normally accompany the uncertainty most people feel about their financial future.

Simon Garber started the business in 2006 after seeing a gap in the market for a specialist Pension and Retirement adviser. As he puts it "There wasn't anyone offering the kind of one-to-one service that we offer at 2020 back then." As a pension transfer specialist Simon had the expertise that many financial advisers didn't - and still don't have, "we often get approached to do work on behalf of other financial advisers who are not authorised to advise on more specialist areas."  

It's the one-to-one service that has seen the business go from strength to strength. "Our customers like the personal approach and flexibility that they get with us, we're not strictly 9-5. With the industry-leading app, they can track their investments, access reports and important documents and send an encrypted message direct to their adviser 24/7. Plus, we also offer flexible appointments for things like review meetings and new business meetings."