2020 Imaging is a technology platform company that enables businesses to take proactive actions by changing the way video and data are analyzed and visualized.

2020Touch from 2020 Imaging is an Intuitive, Intelligent and Integrated Operative Platform (I3OP) that brings businesses a common operative picture from different data sources and systems. The data source could be text, audio or video, the data system could be security, facility or business management. 2020Touch is breaking language barriers and bringing the simplicity of smartphones into command and control applications. By being able to connect cameras, sensors, fire system, access control, lighting, HVAC, BMS and even ERP into a single window and manage them by exception, by interfacing with maps, GPS, resources, mobile and social media through a cloud-based architecture, by creating context-sensitive data flow for powerful visualization and collaboration, the platform is enabling proactive actions through situational awareness.

The features of the platform include:
•     Multi-touch gesture control that enables real world interaction
•     Contextual navigation with integrated time, space and location data
•     Alert handling and incident management that is effective and efficient
•     Intelligent video analytics for security, facility, network and business management
•     Collaboration between operators, mobile devices, internet systems and emergency services
•     Modular, scalable and secure architecture built on open standards for seamless integration

2020TouchControl, the command and control software solution built over the platform can help you with alert management for security surveillance or business intelligence for enterprise operations.

Visualize. Act Proactively.