In collaboration with the Chicago Loop Alliance, 21 artists will be invited to showcase and create new work of any artistic discipline in a downtown storefront everyday for 21 days. Based around the premise that “21” is a symbol for creation and new beginnings, Twenty-One brings an artist from a diverse set of creative disciplines to explore and articulate their creative process, bringing new life to a vacant space in downtown Chicago. Throughout the project, the artist-in-residence, Meg Peterson, will host a featured artist from the genres of music, visual arts, dance, performing arts, poetry and theater everyday for 21 days. The artists will contribute in any way they would like in response to a selection of themes chosen by the featured artist. Featured artists will be encouraged to step outside of their norms of creating while exploring this theme throughout their time frame on their allocated day. The project will culminate in an event showcasing each featured artist and the work made by the artist-in-residence during the duration of the project.