24 Fit Club, the future of fitness & nutrition.  We are the next big thing in Australia that would change the revolution of fitness and health. A community composed of self-motivated fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, ex-professional athletes, health coaches and gurus all dedicated and focused to one thing, and that is GETTING fit, BEING fit and STAYING fit!  All hand in hand for the love of health and well being.

Initially we are the venue for fitness enthusiasts who wants to have the right motivation and take the first steps to fitness but don't know how or where to start.  Getting fit is not just about exercising regularly but it's all about motivation and focus to achieve the goals every fitness bum dreams.

We also do programs that guarantees results for those who need to get fit quickly, jump start a fitness bum's progress; with an outdoor fitness boot camp program that energizes, encourages, and lifts up an enthusiast and not knock them down.  Put it simply, we are the type of fitness and nutrition club that does wonders in terms of health, fitness and overall well being.

Our A-team trainers works with our clients every step of the way, not to mention our determination to help you achieve your goals and reach a whole new level of being healthy and fit.  While our Personal trainers are getting you into the best shape of your life, they will also coach you on the best nutrition and attitude.  Our nutrition program guarantees a whole new YOU, complete with meal plans, videos that would amp your healthy lifestyle and teach you how to discipline yourself even outside the program when you are at home.

How you jive with 24 fit club will progress as you move forward to getting fit and healthy.  The result of the program will help you slowly break down the mental barriers that may be keeping you from your potential.

24 Fit club is a community of FUN, EXCITING, FITNESS buff fanatics.  We love to work-out! We love to go outdoors and have fun in the sun! Getting FIT is our mantra. 24 Fit Club is the new genre of losing weight, new age of staying healthy and new brand of TOTAL FITNESS and NUTRITION.