2Go Industries Inc. DBA 2Go Tools provides an automated system where businesses can order printed marketing materials at below wholesale prices.

2GO has created software that will revolutionize the way large corporations, businesses, and even individuals order print and marketing materials. By aggregating all vendors into one database, companies will have access to the lowest prices and the highest quality of production on all their printed materials. The goal of 2GO Industries is to make ordering printed material more efficient and more affordable through the use of technology and systematic procedures. This technology has now been able to reduce company overhead in key sectors by anywhere from 20 to 60% in some cases.

These price reductions are possible due to the combination of orders generated through the 2go Tools proprietary Print Aggregation Portals™.  With 2go’s Print Aggregation Portals™ their system can merge individual companies respective print needs into one large order. These large print orders are then sorted by job type and sent to production houses throughout the world. Print Vendors are then able to provide the lowest prices and highest quality products to consumers due to the large and consistent volume and organization of jobs.

This aggregation technique is employed by fortune 500 companies like Costco, Sam's Club Wal-Mart, Priceline, Lendingtree and many others.

Why was this not available until now?
An individual printer does not want to refer business to any other print vendor. Most vendors will do almost anything to keep the business in house and not have you shop around. Couple this with the fact that printers have not completely embraced 21st century global database communication abilities that are used in many other sectors of business.

Do to both these factors; printers are in a vicious loop to maximize their profits on a per order basis. 2Go Inc took on this challenge by organizing the databases for vendors by product, volume and price discounts. This database can assure our print vendors a well organized order, volume orders, and consistency through a highly intuitive software that sorts all jobs to the lowest priced vendor at the moment the orders where placed. This now gives the consumer and the vendor the right vehicle to improve on price and increase production for the entire industry.