The 2 Guys cover topics including entrepreneurial stuff, micro-business, self-employment, business coaching, peer groups, strategic coaching, solopreneurs, how to grow your business, how to find business mentors and how to use social media. Each week we'll explore the dynamics of particular challenges and opportunities with our guest(s) or share some important information to help your business grow.

We don't want you to go it alone. In today's marketplace small business owners need help that many find hard to afford. Now you'll be able to get sound advice and insights without added expense. Plus, if you choose to be a guest your shows will continue to grow listeners, unlike traditional radio.

Ray Silverstein and Zen Benefiel have over 60 years of combined experience across a variety of business environments. Ray has owned and sold several companies, one he built to over 1,300 employees and sold it, creating President's Resource Organization in 1993, forming and facilitating peer advisory groups for over 20 years. Zen has an MA in Organizational Management and an MBA in Project Management, with over 20 years of putting people, places and things together to achieve goals and objectives.

No doubt we'll get into many circuitous conversations about the effects of small business on our communities as well. Small business leaders are, inadvertently or directly, responsible for facilitating change in our communities and society in general.