From our offices in Atlanta, Cumming and Fayetteville, Georgia our professional and experienced mediators help Georgia families navigate the common pitfalls of separation and co-parenting.  In mediation, common issues can be addressed before problems arise.  Unlike attorneys, divorce mediators are permitted to work directly with both spouses on solving problems - this is a reason that many divorce attorneys use mediators and the mediation process.  Attorneys often find that the ability for clients to prioritize certain aspects of their separation and the future of their family is much easier to do in mediation than within the restrictions and framework of the litigation process.

Additionally, mediation focuses on the future and solutions, while litigation focuses largely on the past and "winnning."  In the context of family matters, it is common to hear people say that no one "won" at trial.  Some families will have to go to trial, but many families have the option to work out a customized solution.  For those families who can choose how they will transition into two family units, mediation can help them remain in control, avoid unnecessary expenses, and minimize harms to ongoing relationships (particularly where there are children involved).

Our 2 Step Divorce Process is family-centric and designed to foster greater control, reduce uncertainty, and address more than just the legal issues of parting ways.  Hard-earned assets and the well-being of children should not be compromised.  Planning for how you detangle your lives is also important and helps reduce uncertainty and stress.  Are we right for you?  Visit us at www.2StepDivorces.com to learn more.