2dayDubai.com is an innovative website launched in mid 2009 to provide information about and analyses of Dubai development projects - independent of the actual project developers.

Projects considered in the best interests of Dubai are expressly complimented – such as Khor Dubai http://www.2daydubai.com/khor-dubai-cultural.html and Sheik Mohammed bi Rashid Gardens http://2daydubai.com/sheik-mohammed-bin-rashid-gardens.html  - and projects considered to be damaging to the eco system or architectural context of Dubai – such as The Universe - are expressly condemned http://www.2daydubai.com/universe.html or subject to specific recommendations for developer improvements such as in International City http://www.2daydubai.com/international-city-dubai.html

The highlights of Dubai’s spectacular array of architecture are reviewed in http://www.2daydubai.com/dubai-architecture.html

The in-depth individual property project profiles are backed up with extensive high quality images, maps, transport links, and project investment options.

The content rich website, which is used by both local and international investors considering purchasing property in Dubai, also provides general information on the Dubai property market, architecture, and laws, Dubai property investment, Dubai tourist infrastructure and hotels, and living in and visiting Dubai.

Website: www.2dayDubai.com