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DemandMagnet.com is an information content portal for news related to Internet Marketing. Guest posting opportunities are available to promote your business by sharing what Internet Marketing or branding techniques are working for your business. Contributors benefit by connecting with new partners and clients through the increased visibility provided by content published on this blog. Readers benefit by keeping up on the latest in marketing news and strategies that are working for you.
How You Benefit

When you guest post an article or press release on DemandMagnet.com you benefit from our robust marketing strategies.

We use a combination of content marketing strategies to get the word out about Demand Magnet.These include:

   Press releases submitted to PRWeb.com
   Slideshare presentations
   Guest blogging
   Content syndication
   Guest Interviews
   â€¦and more

We are also active within our LinkedIn groups where we meet many of our Contributing Partners.
No Adsense Marketing

We do not monetize with Adsense.  That means each guest post web page is dedicated to your article or press release and not riddled with distracting Adsense or similar advertisements. Links belong to your web space and when people click on them they are directed to your web real estate.